Learn Macedonian: Letter B

Learn Macedonian: Letter B – Буквата Б

St. Athanasius Cave Church

The church is home to the richest preserved medieval fresco ensemble in the region of Struga

Learn Macedonian: Letter A

The letter A is the first letter in the Macedonian Alphabet

Holy Virgin Of Pestani Cave Church

The Church Holy Virgin Of Pestani is one of the most visited cave churches in the Ohrid region.

Маcedonian Bean Soup

Bean soup usually made with Tetovo beans.

Tripe Soup

Tripe soup is a popular remedy against a hangover in Macedonia.

Дванаесе Месеца и бабата

Macedonian Folk tale from the Tetovo region. The grandmother and the twelve months.

Pecko Series I

Pecko was a long running cartoon in Macedonia created by Darko Markovic.

Best of Macedonia

Dimitar Kondovski

Dimitar Kondovski’s work reflect the rich tradition of medieval Macedonian art. He is the author of more than 2,000 illustrations and 200 scenery for television shows, theater, opera and ballet performances.

National Park Galicica

The Park covers an area of 227 km2 between the Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa, and it stretches in a meridian direction.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is the seventh deepest lake in Europe.

Jovano, Jovanke

Jovano, Jovanke is one of the most famous Macedonian songs. The best performances, original and transliterated lyrics and guitar chord and sheet music.

Ja izlezi Gjurgjo

Ja izlezi Gjurgjo – Ја излези Ѓурѓо, Macedonian folk song with lyrics and music.


Ajvar is popular appetizer made of roasted paprika, ripe tomatoes. Ajvar is a seasonal dish in Macedonia, always made in late summer and early autumn.

Vangel Naumoski

Salvador Dali stated that Vangel Naumovski was a “painter from a fairy tale.”

Nikola Martinoski

Nikola Martinoski is the founder of contemporary Macedonian art. Biography and gallery of paintings.

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